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How it works – Bogar Bio-Active Products.

bogaclean® – remove odours and stains permanently, with our microbiological technology.

Dogs, cats and other pets bring us a lot of joy and are important companions throughout our lives. But it is only natural that pets can also create unhygienic conditions and often unpleasant odours. Many causes can be avoided early on with proper training and tender instilling of the right habits. Nevertheless, hygiene problems may still occur depending on a pet’s phase of life (puppies, kittens, older pets), living environment (free-range, indoors) and circumstances (relationship stress, loneliness, territorial marking). Territorial markings, urine, excrement, discharges, incontinence, vomit, pet food remains, and the like, are common causes of unhygienic conditions and persistent unpleasant odours. Foul-smelling gases are the result of sulphur compounds and ammonia being released when bacteria break down organic matter.

How does bogaclean® CLEAN & SMELL FREE work?

Our BioActive formula with the 5 strains of bacteria has been specially developed for bogaclean® CLEAN & SMELL FREE. The bacteria form spores when immersed in a special solution, putting themselves into a dormant state. When they come into contact with “nutrients” (urine, excrement residues, etc.), the bacteria are activated and start to break down the dirt residues immediately – in other words, they start to combat harmful and odour-causing bacteria. The microorganisms in bogaclean® are highly efficient and have a long-lasting effect, even on very porous materials such as carpets and fabrics. The effect is entirely due to bioactive microbes and is completely natural. The products are therefore harmless to humans and animals.

How can Bogar help you with cats spraying and soiling, or dogs marking in the house?