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How to prevent dental illness in pets?

Clean teeth are vital for dogs and cats! Healthy teeth are vital for your dog! In spite of this, tooth and gum disease is very common in dogs. This is shown by scientific studies:

“80% of all 3-year-old dogs suffer from tooth or gum disease!” Tooth and gum disease are often the reason behind going to see a vet. Depending on the dental disease, a surgical procedure might have to be carried out. The anaesthesia required puts a strain on your dog and can also lead to complications.

The thing that causes tartar to form is called plaque. This is a biofilm, which is made from food residues and bacteria and their metabolites and accumulates on the teeth. If plaque is not removed regularly, then it hardens through the minerals contained in saliva and becomes permanent tartar. This leads to inflammation and receding gums, exposure of the tooth neck, and damage to the periodontium – periodontal disease.


The further advancement of inflammation and damage causes bone deterioration (osteolysis), tooth loosening and eventually tooth loss. These pathologic changes are extremely painful for your dog. They affect the quality of life and can lead to behavioural problems.

How can you tell if your dog has teeth problems?

Bad breath is often the first sign.
This can stem from food. If the dog still has bad breath after a change in diet, then gum inflammation is often the cause. Check your dog’s teeth regularly by gently lifting the lips. Plaque and tartar accumulate more in the back molars and the canines. If the gum line is red and bleeds on touch alone, then inflammation is advanced and it is highly recommended that you go to see a vet.

How can you protect your dog against dental problems?

Chews help remove plaque. But this alone is not enough!
It is only possible to clean teeth thoroughly and efficiently by using a toothbrush or finger glove. Because, as with humans, daily tooth cleaning is also the most important foundation for healthy teeth for a dog.

What should you take note of regarding daily tooth cleaning?

You should start cleaning teeth each day very early on. Get your dog used to it as a puppy and approach it playfully and gently. Dental hygiene should become a daily, set ritual, which is fun for your dog and for which it is rewarded, for example, with plenty of playtimes or by going for a walk.

How can bogadent® support you in doing this?

Together with vets and dentists, we, at Bogar AG in Wallisellen, Switzerland, have developed a holistic approach to dental hygiene products for dogs. The central point to these high-quality and innovative products is prophylaxis (prevention)!