The French manufacturer AGROBIOTHERS acquires with the Swiss company BOGAR the leading German dental & care brand for cats and dogs. Their products are sold in specialized pet stores in Germany and in many more countries in Europe.


AGROBIOTHERS, is with sales of € 65 Mio. the French pet care leader and reinforces the position of its hero brand VETOCANIS by joining forces with the Bogar team and its product assortment. VETOCANIS is with a market share of 35% the leading French brand in the area of pet hygiene and care. BOGAR is the leading dental expert in Germany & Switzerland with additional strong positions in anti-parasites, complimentary to VETOCANIS.


The geographic coverage of each brand means BOGAR and VETOCANIS will continue to focus on their own existing markets but will benefit from joint synergies and products ranges as soon as 2024. BOGAR will continue with its existing German sales team to visit the German pet stores and to invest to accelerate its development as a leading anti-parasite and dental supplier in Germany through its brands BOGADENT, BOGAPROTECT and BOGACARE.


AGROBIOTHERS brings some new expertise to BOGAR customers starting with its product capabilities in Hygiene & Care based on his own factory of beauty & care products in Alsace, its European biocide authorizations and an own research and development centre. AGROBIOTHERS also operates across all pet care products with both its TYROL and AIME brands with products spanning from snacks, natural cat litter, toys, beddings & collars made in its large Tunisian factory.  AGROBIOTHERS is the leading branded pet accessories business with both brands growing by 6% in France in 2022


AGROBIOTHERS also has a leading commitment to animal wellbeing and sustainability by becoming the first Pet business to have in its company statute 2 missions written

  • 100% of its products guaranteeing animal well treatment by 2023
  • 80% of its products being locally produced or ecologically responsible or natural by end of 2024 (72% already today)


AGROBIOTHERS aims to become the new upcoming player in Europe in hygiene and care with brands in key markets and a unique & consumer centric product portfolio made in Europe.



Jan 9th 2023 – Cuisery / Wallisellen