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Hall 5, stand 322! This is how our stand looked like at the Interzoo…

«We take great care of the health of our two cats. According to our veterinarian, the health of the teeth plays an important role. That’s why we’ve been brushing and caring for their teeth with Bogar dental care products for years – as well as we can with cats. We give them Dental Cat Chips or Fibre Sticks every day. They love them and our cats’ teeth are tiptop. We are now also trying out the new tick spot-on from Bogar, with very good results so far. We are big fans of your products, thank you very much.»

«We use the Black & Shiny Shampoo on our giant schnauzer Jordan from the Lochete The product can be massaged very well into the coat and the taste of gentian and chestnut gives the coat a special fresh taste. The shampoo can also be washed out quickly, giving the coat a special shine. For us it is very important that this is a natural product. The blow-drying stabilizes the shine and Jordan struts through the day refreshed. Whoever knows the giant schnauzer knows that this is not just a simple coat. It has to be trimmed, partly shorn or plucked. I can recommend the BOGACARE Black & Shiny.»

«Our cat is very often outside and roams through meadows and woods. Despite various attempts with different protection means we had to remove ticks from her again and again. With Bogaprotect Spot-On we have finally found a product that is extremely effective and long-lasting in keeping away parasites and spares us and our cat the tiresome procedure of removing ticks.»

«We tested the toothpaste in all 4 cats and the success result was clearly visible, as the bad breath was no longer present. The toothpaste has been used about once a week since then and the cats got used to it quickly.»

«Very nice and professional customer contact. It is helped well if there are problems with products. I can only recommend it to everybody!»

About Bogar

Our vision are healthy, active and joyful cats and dogs in balance with nature

We want to spread effective and natural prevention to everyday’s life of our loved pets.

  • natural
    We are convinced about natural ingredients. Nature is the best inspiration for our products.
  • effective
    Our products deliver. We combine the power of nature with the latest scientific knowledge in our innovations.
  • everyday
    We want prevention to become a daily routine. We focus on ease of use and excellent food acceptance.
  • Swiss
    We are a Swiss company. It is in our DNA to act reliably, competent and with high quality.

Our highly qualified team works hard everyday to make our products and services sustainably better.

We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

In 1998, a pioneer of herbal medicine (phytotherapy) established Bogar at the Brandschenkestrasse in Zurich. Chemists, biologists and veterinarians develop innovative plant-based medicines for pets and farm animals. Soon the employees start to transfer this knowledge to freely marketable products for cats and dogs.

Today we combine the power of nature with the latest scientific findings to create effective products for prevention and care. We are convinced that our friends on 4 paws stay healthy and active for longer with effective, gentle prevention and care. So they can bring even more joy into our lives.

We are proud of the current progress made with our plant-based products, be it in the protection against ticks and fleas or in the dental hygiene area. It is a new generation of products that serve the well-being of our cats and dogs with exceptional performance.

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